About Me

Hi my name is Fatoumata. And welcome to my blog. No matter wherever you live, you should have an eye on the health of yourself.

Having a proper diet is the key to lead a healthy life that you dream of. I have observed the severity of the food patterns that affect the health of young Africans.

Over the past few years, I have carried out several types of research to unearth the root of the health issues that have threatened the lives of people.

I am an individual striving hard to enhance the status of health of women in Nigeria and spread the essence throughout Africa.

In this blog, you can receive a clear-cut understanding of the different diet pills and fat burners in the marketplace in Nigeria.

Women in Nigeria are not well concerned about the side effects of these instant pills hence they become victimized after consuming them. I have provided you with all necessary details about diet pills and fat burners that feed one’s mind after careful investigations.

I have explored numerous health remedies that could be treated with the best sources that are enriched with less harmful ingredients. All the clinical and medical studies on food allergies, overweight and food patterns helped me to serve the Nigerian community with my best efforts.