What Is Total Lipo and What Are the Side Effects

What Is Total Lipo and What Are the Side Effects

total lipo side effectsThere’s been a lot of talk about Total Lipo in the diet world. This fast-acting weight loss supplement has testimonies that boast incredible weight loss potential and increased energy production.

But what exactly is Total Lipo?

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Total Lipo is an all-natural weight loss supplement that uses a compound called beta hydroxybutyrate.  Beta hydroxybutyrate is a natural compound that our bodies make during exercise, fasting, calorie restricting, and ketosis. It’s made in the liver by metabolizing or breaking down fatty acids. Our bodies naturally increase the levels of beta hydroxybutyrate in our blood when we reach a ketosis state. Total Lipo helps to elevate the body into the ketosis state faster.

If you’ve been following other nutrition blogs or diet blogs, you will recognize the word ketosis. This is a natural state your body enters when it switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. Our bodies are primed for fat burning but had to learn to adapt to burning carbohydrates when we went from being hunters to being CEO’s.

When we made the switch over to carbohydrates our bodies decided they needed a backup plan in case food ever became scarce, so it started building up body fat. While this would be beneficial if we were still hunters, it doesn’t help us in our world today.

When you consider dietary supplements, you must consider the side effects that come along with taking it. Total Lipo is no exception.

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Below are some of the side effects expected while taking Total Lipo

Increased levels of ketones in blood: Since Total Lipo helps the body to enter ketosis, it naturally helps increase the levels of ketones in the blood. In very rare cases, this increase in ketones can cause blood sugar fluctuations in people suffering from diabetes. These fluctuations can happen from normal dieting but should still be monitored for adverse effects.

Increased energy: Beta hydroxybutyrate is the natural substance produced during ketosis, it is also an ingredient in Total Lipo. This substance is what gives Total Lipo its edge over the competition when it comes to fat burning. Aside from burning fat it can also be used as brain food. Beta hydroxybutyrate can be utilized as an energy source by your brain when your blood glucose levels fall lower than normal. This is important for early mornings before you have a chance to eat breakfast. More brain energy means you’re less likely to binge on carb loaded treats.

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The potential for reduced seizure activity: In order to maintain the weight loss benefits, people taking Total Lipo are encouraged to follow a keto diet. Since both Total Lipo and the keto diet increase beta hydroxybutyrate levels, both are effective in potentially reducing seizure activity. There has been some association with an increase in beta hydroxybutyrate levels and a decrease in epileptic activity. This does not mean you can throw out the anticonvulsants or that you won’t have seizures. It means that along with anticonvulsants it can greatly reduce the number and impact of breakthrough seizures.

Weight loss can’t be maintained with laziness: If you want maximum weight loss benefits, you must be willing to put in the effort. Total Lipo doesn’t require a lot of effort to start you on your weight loss diet. However, one of the biggest factors that helps promote its efficient weight loss is adherence to a more keto friendly diet. This means high fats and low carbohydrates.

If you adhere to a keto friendly diet, Total Lipo can help you maintain efficient weight loss without having to dedicate hours of your life in the gym. Not being able to adhere to a more keto friendly diet will cause Total Lipo to be less effective than it normally would.

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